Wireless Fire Alarms Systems Vs Cable

Offering essential protection to the public and personnel, fire alarm systems are a necessity for every type of property and business. However, in both existing and new buildings, the process of installing and configuring a traditional hard-wired system can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive. Wireless fire alarm systems have become a more desirable solution; they are as effective as traditional systems while offering increased flexibility and ease.Wireless fire alarms system do not require any cabling. All of the detectors and call point units transmit signals via radio and when a fire is detected they trigger an alarm the same as a traditional system. All signalling and transmitting between the devices is completely unaffected by fire and smoke. The detector points can all be added to a centralized fire alarm system and batteries in the units last more than five years. As the system is constantly monitored, users can be sure that they are receiving the same reliability as they would with a hard-wired system.Schools, public attractions and busy workplaces simply cannot afford to suffer from disruption while cable is laid down and detectors are installed. However, fire safety cannot be compromised. Installing a hard-wired system can mean closing down or restricting access while the work is being undertaken or having to schedule the installation during weekends or holidays. Wireless systems offer a hassle free and unobtrusive solution. Installers can fit a detector unit in just 5 minutes; a wired system could take hours for each unit. The whole system can be fitted quickly and easily and buildings and businesses can stay open and keep everyone inside safe.Wireless systems are also very scalable. They are an ideal solution for small properties with just a few rooms as well as large buildings across multiple floors. They can be even used on sites or grounds that have several buildings spread out across the property and, unlike wired systems, wireless fire alarms can easily change to accommodate new buildings or a new layouts. It is simply a case of moving the detectors.Wireless devices are especially useful during any construction work that is being taken place. They can protect unfinished buildings or construction sites because they can be placed anywhere. Although they still need to be effectively positioned, installers do not need to worry about matching up to the wiring. This makes them especially useful for places such as museums or art galleries where trailing wires may seem unsightly.Easy to install with no disruption, wireless fire alarm systems offer the same effectiveness as hard-wired systems but with added benefits. They are the perfect fire safety solution to different many different types of specifications and properties.